Martes, Hunyo 7, 2016

My School and Its Linkages

School per se will not work without the people around. These people are groups, organizations, clubs, community, stakeholders, Non Government Organization or NGOs, Teachers’ group, authority and etc. In school, groups, organizations and clubs are usually shown. These are Parents-Teachers Association or PTA, Departmental Clubs such Filipino, AP, Values, English, Math, Science, T.L.E, and MAPEH, Supreme Student Government or SSG, Faculty Club. PTA involves parents and teachers cooperation, departmental clubs involve students with their respective advisers under the department heads, SSG involves students who voted by the majority of them, and faculty club who involves only for teachers. These groups / clubs / organizations have difference but common in pushing for the progressive educational system unless there is manipulation from the centered-interest individuals in the institution. 

On the other hand, group outside of the school premises are community, Non Government Organizations or NGOs, Teachers Group, Partylist and others are helpful in terms of welfare or school or the people around the school. They can help through different strategies like for example for teachers’ welfare as what the Teachers’ Dignity Coalition and Alliance of Concerned Teachers fight for. NGOs for the support, Business establishment for the sponsorship, Media for the transparency and many others.

In the organizations inside the school premises, there will be a big part of school’s planning and implementation. Like for example, the PTA will help the school to protect and promote the welfare of the school especially the student for the peace and security, and benefits. School Clubs would help the school to be progressive through the promotion of different tactics on how students will boost their attention in their studies and how they will show their potentials through different activities. Faculty club, on the other hand, will promote the welfare of the teachers through different team buildings, incentives and many others.

As principal of the school, I have to connect them my mission, vision, goals and objectives for the welfare and future of my school. I rather make them a part of this institution where they can fetch resources to feed the needs and demands of the people around the school and of course the school per se. I will let them participate regularly to make their project visible and feasible. These would happen through communication especially meetings that will be conducted every now and then if necessary. And as a response to them, I will build the linkages and nook where they could easily access the content and happening in the school. I’ll make sure that these projects and participation will be aligned with the goals of the majority as well as the Department of Education of which the basis is always there.

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