Martes, Hunyo 7, 2016

My Ideal School

My School

My school is efficiently giving its services to the stakeholders, teachers, staff, community and the country. It is effectively managed because of incomparable talents, intelligence, background, education, discipline and respects of the people in my school. There is transparency in dealing with records. The citizen’s charter has been observed and the Magna Carta and Code of Ethics are noted to be the weapons of the school in dealing with its service to countrymen. The rights of a child especially the existing laws and bills are shown to protect the rights of the stakeholders. The school funds such as MOOE are spent with honesty and integrity. The school canteen offers healthy food without junk food and softdrinks. The facilities are clean and the books, computers, CCTV, wiring, shelves, and many others are properly arranged according to its purpose, functions and updates. The school grounds are clean and trees and plants are arranged everywhere. The drainage is good especially in the comfort rooms. Rooms are clean and decorated. School supplies are distributed to teachers and students. Discipline is also the main rule. No students are coming late, wearing civilian, earrings, or tattoos. Parents are participative especially in maintaining peace and order and supports to the welfare of their children. Dropouts are rapidly decreasing due to the feeding program, arts program, active students' clubs, theater, sports, educational tour, lessons, and benefits. Isolated problems may occur but the school is ready to face it. Teachers and staff are also active. Tardiness and absences are not on their priority. Loans are the least of their concerns. Their families are the main reasons of their job. There is continuous meeting of which the speakers are chosen one every month for just to upgrade the new systems and orders. The principal is always busy, not just to earn income but to improve the school facilities while the department heads focused on uplifting the moral of their subordinates. On the other hand, teachers help each other to accomplish the program that they want to do. Students are willing to sacrifice to improve the school. They are willing to cook in the canteen and serve their fellowmen. They are willing to clean the comfort rooms to maintain cleanliness and sanitation. They want to do more assignments to improve their skills. They want to learn!

I am the principal of this school that is properly managed, effectively and efficiently reinforcing the will of the law of man and our Almighty. I am a leader who wished to provide more effective and efficient leaders of the future. I started the program by implementing the democratic rule with observing discipline among teachers and students. At the very first moment, I discussed to my teachers my vision, mission, goals and objectives as their school head. They contribute to the rules and regulations that will be implemented in school with the guidance of experts. I critically studied the background of my subordinates with the help of my secret resources and their heads. This will be the basis of choosing them to lead according to their preferences. I also asked my staff their point of views as well as the different organizations in school. My school connects to the barangay for outdoor security and resources. We conduct programs that will last. It is included in the SIP, AIP, APP and Action Plan. My teachers are encouraged to take their graduate programs to upgrade their competencies as well as the seminars needed in their subjects. The burden of these activities might through the help of donors and projects that will be conducted in school. Reward system is highly encouraged for just to boost the productivity of my subordinates. They easily connect, communicate and air their voice to my office. I set rules based on my subordinates views, opinions, suggestions and culture. My department heads are wholesome and knowledgeable not only theoretically but personally. They know their subordinates and support them well. Salary, Bonus and Incentives are timely given. Promotions are the main concern of the department heads for just to give them special attention in return of their efforts and job well done. Memo, order and advise from the higher ups are easily viewed on the place where teachers stay. I want them build their own mastery to make leaders in future.

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