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Case Analysis: Lazy and Permissive School Head

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Dr. Salvador J. David, Principal of Rose National High School in Kidapawan, North Cotabato for two years, was recently sent to Manuel L. Quezon National High School located in the same province to be its new principal. He replaced the beautiful and diligent principal, Dr. Mariz P. Bansale, who was appointed to a bigger school because of her numerous awards and achievements. 

It will be Dr. David’s first time to set foot in Manuel L. Quezon National High School, though it isn’t really new to him because it is just within his neighborhood. Dr. Bansale has also oriented Dr. David about how she has run the school.

Manuel L. Quezon National High School is a strategic school because it is located just within the reach of the market, church, plaza and transportation. However, bullying and criminality along with many other usual problems in schools are said to be rampant here. Teachers here were also said to be very particular about their rights, and are not hesitant to fight for them.


The new principal of Manuel L. Quezon National High School, Dr. David, is very lazy and permissive. He makes it a point to delegate all his responsibilities and obligations to his subordinates all the time. When they question or are slow to understand or fulfill the task or duty at hand, Dr. David scolds them and sometimes even mutters bad words. He also always leaves the school premises during office hours and would not come back until evenings when all he needs to do is to do a quick check on his school.

He is also known for his tactics to be able to earn more money than what he has on hand, even when it means jeopardizing the school funds. But he always tries to play safe because he has experienced being thrown from one station to another due to money matters. 

In his second year at Manuel L. Quezon National High School, the school encountered many problems particularly with regard to students' behavior and teachers' requests. But these have either been not addressed or rejected without valid reason. When local school authorities elevate the problems to him, all he does is explain his side and then he just immediately throws back the problem to the officials for action. The new building which is supposedly for use already when he came is already full of vandalism. Some of the comfort rooms are not available for use because there are no toilet bowls nor faucets and sinks. Books are not complete as what the government assured the public. The School Canteen offered more junk food and softdrinks. The backyard is prone for crime and accidents because it has no fence to separate it from the informal settlers squatting on the schools' land and even in the school building. 


The school is known to be the second home for students that need to develop and prepare for their preferences. It is a place where students learned 50% of what it takes for them to have their educational career and develop their imagination to the real world. It is right to prepare the school to be conducive in learning as what the Philippine 1987 Constitution tells us. Students will develop their full potentials if the educators and leader of the schools knew what to do. Their success will depend on how the school will mold them to be human and this is through the direction given by the highest authority in the school.

Dr. Shirly Saragcon, Dean of UCC PASOA and graduate studies professor, recently mentioned in the social networking site, "The success of every individual depends on the leader." What she said is absolutely correct because the leader is the key to open the door of opportunities. If the leader has nothing to do with his leadership, well, sad to say, he is not a leader but a mere earner.


Based on the case study, the principal has no idea on how to be an effective leader because he just lets his subordinates do what he is supposed to do. He is not affected even when his stakeholders will not learn and get demoralized due to his laziness unless someone will fetch the problems in the higher office where complaints are immediately being addressed.

The other possible causes why the principal delegates his responsibilities and obligations to his subordinates is just to give way his personal interests like thinking and doing his part-time job, thinking how to create much more money than what he gets, or thinking about the other problems brought by other individuals.


Having a poor leadership in school will cascade on the stakeholders, creating poor graduates and stagnant facilities. The lack of orientation not only to the teachers and department heads but also to the principal will bring bad luck to the recipients of education. Students will not garner the better learning to them and they can travel their journey easily and immediately because their driver, the principal, is having a good time and part-time.


After the study of this case, its cause and effect, the researcher came up with the following recommendations:

1. There should have a strict and fair promotion for individuals who want to be a principal or school head;

2. There should have strict evaluation from the teachers against the school head every school to address immediately the problems in school;

3. Independence of the Department of Education from the politics should be maintained to minimize the greed official in the educational institutions; and, 

4. Strict and fair sanction for the school head should be made to avoid power tripping not only in school but also in the educational institution.


The permissive and lazy school heads can affect to the last long learning of the students because the place where students will determine their full potentials will not happen in their second home. It should be remembered that the success of the students is the success of the leaders and that, whatever happens in school, the school head should maintain the good performance of the school for the future preference.

The possible causes of inactive school head might be from the experiences and interest he has in his life. It should be reminded them that the nature of work they have is one of the important periods of students' progress to prepare themselves to the much bigger world.

The Department of Education should be responsible at all times to address the problems in the educational system. It should be their first priority to visit every school to know and observe the real story of its success and failure.

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