Linggo, Hulyo 12, 2015

What Class Suspension Are For?

It has been observed that many people are waiting for the suspension announcement from the authorites. It would be from the Department of Education, Local Government and even the owner or Heads of the private institutions.

Many would condemn or insult the authorities if the announcement is late or non-existent on the exact time they wanted it. But the truth is... many of them wanted to just waste their spare time doing nothing or malling - a culture that needs to change!

It is very disappointing that many citizens of this country are prioritizing the things that would not help them grow. Instead of preparing for the disaster or provide help to other people affected by the weather disruption, they would rather feed their ignorance with yet another ignorance.

The sense of responsibility and discipline in this society seems to be non-existent in so many. This society is dominated by egocentric people. Maybe a prize should be given to those people who have given their time and efforts for others just to save their immediate needs. But it's so ridiculous to know that at this moment when the country is facing a potentially disastrous storm, many students, parents, officials and teachers are going on malls, eating their favorite food, enjoying moves, giving time to play booths where they can enjoy and waste their money.

There is flooding not only on the road, rivers and dams but also on social networking sites where students, parents, teachers and government employees are flaunting their enjoyable activities while others are so problematic in their houses because of the threat of floods and landslides. It is so annoying that students choose malling rather than finishing their assignments or school work... well, you can't blame them because their models (a.k.a. teachers) are doing the same. They are also malling instead of thinking how they could help others or what preparation do they have since risk reduction is part of the program of the government?

Well actually, it is not bad to spend time on the mall and do enjoy. It is not wrong to just let other people help the victims of the weather disruption because it's their responsibility and obligation... but, please try to choose day and time for your selfish enjoyment. You are Filipino Citizens and you are obliged to help your fellowmen at the time of their needs since you are safe and not affected. Please open your eyes to what is really important in this country because you might give help and not be a burden to it.

Progressive education should be utilized on this matter. Teachers should do their part as the models of this society.They have to initiate development because that's in their oath. This is the moment teachers can exercise being professional citizens of this country. The country's future actually relies on the hands of the educators. Accept that you have responsibilities and obligations, such as being the hope for our future Good Leaders!

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