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It's my second degree!

It's my second degree!

I took my first degree, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with Specialization in Education, in 2005 and earned my diploma in 2009. My last semester in undergraduate studies was focused on my On-the-Job Training (OJT), thesis and eight (8) subjects in the same university I enrolled. It was so tiring because I had to face five subjects as "Student-Teacher (for my OJT), eight regular subjects and my thesis as well. It challenged me because of the books I needed to read and understand plus numerous reports and research for every subject. My moderate body structure became thin inspite of the huge meals.

Nevertheless, my life in my first degree in college is so fruitful because I learned a lot of things and it fetched me to the world I desired. The knowledge I obtained made me dream more and, yes, earn more.

I remember during graduation season, a classmate's parent advised us to focus first on the licensure examination for teachers than seeking for a job immediately. I followed that advice. I focused on my review for the exam while others are already enjoying the fruits of their first job after college. It was so tempting to look for a job since others do but I ignored them just for the exam... thus, I applied for the exam and got scheduled on September 26, 2009.

I was so excited as the examination day comes nearer... unfortunately, that day was also the day Typhoon Ondoy struck... the examination was suspended and rescheduled a week after Ondoy. During the exam... I have nothing else in mind but to get my exam in the room designated to me. Before the exam, I prepared a bundle of Happy Peanuts for my brain and Choco Topps, thus, the proctor tagged me as "Mr. Happy" 'coz of Happy Mani.

Weeks passed after the October examination when I felt I needed to work. I asked my partner to help me look for a job... She said that they need one writer for IBC-13 news... I went with her there then I submitted my resume. Her boss was there and introduced to me. I was in one of the computers there and was trying to do some news when the her boss looked at it and told me that I could start immediately. Then there I was... I started working as a writer for IBC newscast everyday.. after a few weeks again, I surfed the PRC website and found that I am included in the list of passers.

I was so happy that time 'coz I got two rewards... one was for the job and the other was for my license as Professional Teacher. But weeks passed again, I felt I'm not satisfied with the kind of work I had and license I obtained. I had to submit to school my credentials to be a public school teacher and fortunately after one year, I got hired and became a full pledged public school teacher. This career didn't satisfy me yet because of the problems in the school I was deployed to. Before I got my job as a public school teacher, I was dreaming to get a master's degree diploma.

One year passed, and going to two years in service, I dared to submit application for master degree program in the University of Caloocan City and eventually, submitted my permit to study to the Division Office of Caloocan... then here I was.

Two years passed and it is 2015. I made my thesis and complied all the needed requirements for the graduation. I was included in the list of graduating students in 2015 at Smart Araneta Coliseum. This time... it is my second degree!

I am a bit satisfied but need to pursue whatever it takes. If God allows me to get my third degree, it is my pleasure and it would satisfy me as well.

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  1. congrats po sir,

    sir pede po bang patulong, how to discuss this po, handling students questions

    1) student questions shoul be welcomed by a teacher.
    2) a teacher should not answer a student question right away.
    3) indiscriminate student questions should not be allowed.

    Encouraging students to ak questions...

    1) praise correctly formulated questions.
    2) attend to their questions.
    3) allot an appropriate time slot for open questioning.

    thank you po sir, Godbless po.

    Mga Tugon
    1. Thanks Mr. Simbulan! ang gusto mo ba dito e para iha-handle ang ganitong scene? if ever... eto na.

      1. the student will obtain more knowledge if the teacher will welcome his/her question... it is not about the question per se but the confidence that would build upon giving the question. The more na magtatanong ang mga bata e the more silang nakakakuha ng ideya tungkol sa lesson... kaya hayaan lang silang magtanong.
      2. It is better to give chance the other students to answer their classmate's question to be able them to think more than what it takes. mas progressive ang sagot ko tanong ko kesa nakadepende lahat sa guro.
      3. indiscriminate o discriminate? anyway, if the students will raise question, do not reject it! this rejection might give them psychological effect not only today but also for their future. try to affirm all questions and your techniques will give them off.

      1. praising make student be proud of himself and make something for him to be more flexible and knowledgeable in the future. Praise is a kind of reward from the theory of conditioning if im not mistaken.
      2. i can't understand well your question... but might help it: you need to answer student's querry or question especially when confusion comes. your answer can last until their old ages... so be careful especially if you are elementary teacher.
      3. Open questioning allows students to feel more comfortable in their environment... it gives them opportunity to exercise their confidence inside the classroom

      I hope makatulong ito :)

  2. Good day Sir, maraming maraming salamat po, malaking tulong po ang binigay nyo pong impormasyon, Godbless you po always and your Family, Thank you thank you po.