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You might feel excitements, hesitations, proud of yourself, bogged down and more this day... it is because of the effort you showed in the past four years in high school life... earned a lot of wisdom from your teachers, parents, friends and relatives... your confidence made by your experiences... and ideals of having good future.

You are now looking for something out of you already knew in the past... it might be a job or work, college life, love life or break because you feel you need it. But out of it, the realization might come after a few days, weeks or even months when the times you see the horizon somewhere there.

This could make you change your mind or contribute to what extent you made. The questions below might give you silhouette or ambiance for the things you could do in your life.

1. Why you need to pursue in College?
2. Where I am today?
3. Am I prepared in College?
4. What is my satisfaction?
5. What is my limitation?

These answers might help you to understand those questions:

1. College opens the door of big opportunities!
It builds your confidence. 
It is a key to build your own house and future. 
It answers hierarchy of needs of Abraham Maslow

2. You are in the starting point of a zigzag road where obstacles are many. 
You are in your pride or bogged down. 
You are in your confusion/ hesitation. 
You are depending on the promises.

3. You are taking different entrance examinations of which can give you doubt if your will pass or not. 
You are thinking to work because of insufficient budget of your parents for you to study in college.
You want to enroll in prominent universities and colleges or even peers universities. 
You are not prepared!

4. Education? 
Love life? 
or Money!

5. Budget! 

Education is a continuing process!
Dream... Believe... Survive!


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