Huwebes, Nobyembre 6, 2014

First Time Professor (Part II)

I strived hard and did a lot of things just to make sure my work done and progressive. I also did some innovation in life that I could share to my students for their future. I had to work 24/7 for just to comply with all my unfinished transactions as well as guidance for students' querries. I tried to skip from telling all my problems to my partner 'coz it could make her much problematic than I am and I won't hear the words "GINUSTO MO YAN!" some kind of funny words but it hurts. There are times that I had think its "UNFAIR" 'coz I knew her but she didn't know me and worst, she had many times to answer and help friends querries, problems and personal lives than mine.

Sometimes I thought I have no company and friends to belong because when times that I felt so insecure, intimidated and problematic and worst "BAGGED DOWN," I have no one to lean on and share my pains for just to recover. I had to keep these problems on my own and tried to do something for just to show that I'm okay especially when my superiors simultaneously gave me memos and gossips without grace.

I always think that I could surpass all these problems because I knew that the earth is round that sometimes I am in the ground and sometimes I am in the sky. It much challenged me when my son attacked by PNEUMONIA and need to confine in the hospital to treat. I hadn't make absences out of this problem because I know it could affect our budget since it is not sufficient. But the result was my concentration in my work. I couldn't focus on it because of confusion and trauma from my son's death two years ago.

Nowadays, semestral break is on in college and I'm continuing my work in public high school but still my problem and time are not okay. I still need to compromise for my schedule and care of my sons. I also need times for people to accompany me with these problems and make some happy moments to surpass my negative emotion. I hope I could be ready for the next semester as well as my thesis for graduation in graduate studies :)

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