Huwebes, Nobyembre 6, 2014

First Time Professor (Part I)

It wasn't expected pero this year nag-start akong mag-part-time professor sa isang institution. It's a different experience from high school teacher to college teacher. At once, nahirapan akong i-cope ang sarili ko sa environment but then na-adjust ko naman throughout months despite of pressures from people who wanted to ruin my determination and concentration.

It started from the trust of my former professor who knew me as her outstanding student out of many. She asked me to send her my Curriculum Vitae and wait for further information and assessments. Weeks passed and the institution asked me to come for interview and to sign the documents needed. 

Tense pa ako sa assessments and prayed that they will hire me since it is my first time and there are many qualified applicants (professors) in the list. And time comes, the institution called for the orientation of faculty and fortunately I am one of them. It was so exciting because I joined intellectuals to share wisdom and discipline.

At the beginning of the semester, I prepared my syllabus for semestral preparations as well as strategies to be effective and fruitful for my students. There is also pressures from my mother school because of the memos and gossips from my superiors who envied me. These pressures somehow made me problematic and really affect my focus in the institutions but because of the moral support of my former professor, I made it!

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