Huwebes, Marso 20, 2014


National Capital Region
Division of City Schools
( City )


School Division Superintendent
Division of City Schools


                I have the honor to request permission to study leading to the degree of Master of Arts in Education, Major in Administration and Supervision at (School), starting this first semester, school year 2012-2013, until I finish the course.
                In this connection, I am submitting herewith some additional information about myself.

                Educational Attainment                : AB-Political Science with Specialization in Education
                                                                     AB-English / 20 units
                Number of years in college          : Four years
                Curriculum                                  : Master of Arts in Education
                                                                     Major in Administration and Supervision
                Last Performance Rating             :  6.6 / Very Satisfactory

              *(Please accept my apology for the late submission of my permit to study because I have to wait for my Performance Rating Result and I have to recover from my son’s sickness and death.)*(optional)

                I hereby certify that I am thoroughly aware of the rules and regulations under the BPS Circular No. 17, 1960 amended by Circular No. 17, S. 1973 and will comply all rules and regulations contain therein.

Respectfully yours,

(Your Name)
Teacher 1


Principal, (?) High School



School Division Superintendent

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