Linggo, Agosto 25, 2013


It's been a long years or going to five years since we decided to live in one roof! We had no other decision yet but to see each other every now and then. It was a great year when we were accomplished our first year 'coz it was very dramatic and yet romantic. 

The first year was a bit easy 'coz you were busy to your work and I'm too! We always connected on cellphone but at night - our bed.

You were about 14 or 15 years old when we first met... and about 20 when you bridged our connection and 2-3 more years when you decided to live with me with a bit hesitation but solid decision.

I couldn't give you the best gift I can 'coz your mind is so blurred that needs to open using the saw to reach what you want me to give you... I tried many times but It wasn't enough! It sometimes made you mad or Over-Acting 'coz you won't or even you want more :P

3 to 4 years... we had many experiences that challenged our relationship... it was a bit fight over our attitude - opposite attitude but we studied both differences.We struggled for it 'coz of our "ego" or pride but we learned how to cope with. You made ways how to cope with especially in times when I was problematic and intimidated for many things.

Now... it is your SPECIAL DAY! I have no gift but my LOYALTY AND LOVE! I can't see any much worthy than it. More Wealth... More Health... More Life... More light... More Strength... and More Power! Happy... Happy Birthday Mommy! I love you :) :) :)

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