Linggo, Agosto 11, 2013


Assets production is defined as the way of multiplying one's assets or properties. It can be a short- or long-term process. But achieving it is not always easy.

So, why deal with assets production?  For two reasons: self-contentment and stability.  With the world eternally changing, it is a must that people always keep up.  With the times forever demanding, it is important that our supplies never dry up.  When we fail to keep up and our supplies dry up, life becomes more challenging, because we lack what we need to survive or make living comfortable.

It is crucial that people get to learn how to multiply their assets while they are still young.  This will ensure that when the time comes that they would have to live on their own, they will be able to live a comfortable life.

Assets production can be hard to achieve, but there are simple ways to start off.  Here is how you can start:

1. Try to save fifty (50) pesos out of your daily allowance. The sooner, the better.

2. Look for someone who runs a business.  Ask them how much they spent to open the business, and how much they spend to run it.  Ask them how much they earn on a daily basis.  Then, ask how they make sure that they always get back the money that they spend.

3. Decide how you are going to multiply the fifty pesos.  This can be through investing in a small business.  Or, you can decide to keep the fifty pesos and just continue saving out of your allowance.

4. After a month of doing step 4, evaluate.  Have you actually been gaining?  If not, what else could you do?

5. Save whatever you have gained out of your initial fifty peso budget.  You can either save it on a bank (if it reaches at least a thousand pesos) or use it for further investments.

6. Don't stop! Just keep on saving and investing.

As the saying goes, "the early bird catches the worm."  If one gets to learn how to multiply his/her assets at an early age, just think how many "worms," figuratively, he/she can catch in the future!

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