Sabado, Enero 19, 2013

Dance With My Father

Saturday morning again... this is different from other morning I ever encountered or perhaps I forgot the same thing... but this is unusual... 'coz I missed a lot... my friends, my son and many more. I dunno why it's happening... maybe for some reasons.

I remember before my son died... I played a music repeatedly with the same sound and lyrics... it's "Dance With My Father." My son was about to die if my sisters didn't fetch him to the hospital... it made him to live for about two days and then God got him. That moment... I remained sitting and thinking for an hour and couldn't do anything because of a shock! But after a few hours, I convinced myself to start doing and think that things will be alright.

I couldn't exactly think that I hadn't make any moves that time... my feet couldn't move and my body remained standing without doing anything for a few hours and suddenly sitted for no reasons... I dunno what happened exactly but I couldn't forget how my world down when my son died.

At this moment... I dunno exactly my feelings when that music plays... and because I like that song... I was able to be it at my alarm so I could wake up early in the morning to avoid repetition of my tardiness. But the problems are... When I heard the sound... I remember all things including my friends, my son and many more... Shocking morning for me... and my mood can't easily set to its normal... hahaaayyy...

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