Lunes, Disyembre 31, 2012

Looking Back 2012

Before the end of this year... I just want to share the things I've learned.

At the beginning of 2012, I'm just so amazed because of having the job that I wished for. It was so excited because I could share to my students the things I've learned and experienced.

But this is not all enjoyment, happiness and excitement but challenges overall.

Although I got what I want, I also experienced some terrific things in my life. I met people who have their own world and thinking that they are the only superstars on earth. I experienced how to cope with people who are extravagant in terms of attitudes and more. I had many preparations for my students so they wont say I'm stupid. I also prepared to cope with unusual attitudes of my co-workers.... they'd just smile when I look at them but when I'm not, they stab me at my back.

The first quarter of the 2012 is about preparation of something more challenging because at the fourth months of the year, my second baby met God in heaven due to Chronic Bronchopneumonia. Before he met God, we experienced a lot of things and of course, we prayed every now and then. We also tried to walk on the long road just to fetch ourselves to the Church where people also walked during Semana Santa. This walk offered to God so He won't get my son but it wouldn't happened.

I'm happy that when my son died, people who are not known to me symphatized and offered their prayers to me and to my family as well as the journey of the young child.

The summer of 2012 is very tremendous, since I didn't fill the whole year classes, I wouldn't be able to get my salaries on May and June because of the rules that governed it. Then I tried to loan to fix some of our needs. I also bought my second hand motor, so I could come early on my work. After a month, My partner and I had misunderstanding that resulted to separate each others' way a week. Then, while this was happening, my OIC and I had misunderstanding and met our conflict of ideas that resulted to overthrow me some badly words and a couple of days, I got my memo that based of her report, I should return to the school where my Plantilla is placed.

I had new company, new acquaintance and new environment that I should cope with. I've met new faces and masked that eventually unmasked. I also met some threat from the higher if ever I'll do something bad or against to their expectations. I taught students with triple in numbers from my former school. It really made me mad but eventually good as well as my colleagues.

At the last quarter of 2012, I hospitalized my eldest son because of high fever that resulted him to convulsion. I worried a lot and this made my days anxious and disastrous. But anyway, I had ways that this anxiety would not stay.

This December, I reminisced from the past job, former school and happening in my new station. I really like to be with students and share knowledge and experiences. I had many activities and seminars that would use to my future preference. I could say that I passed my challenges in 2012 but this coming year, I also want an award from my efforts. Thank God for guiding me while I'm on trials. Thanks to my partner who is always there when I'm down and my son who gives me inspiration in everyday lives.

Welcome 2013!

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