Miyerkules, Disyembre 5, 2012

A Shadow! from Yesterday


It is very hard to understand everything that makes your life worst and a bit ruin... You ought to think that your life being faithful and graced by those things that God had given but what things you might to be proud of are the things that will ruin you... It is very hard to accept those things that far like as heaven to obtain or to gain but what can you do if it is your destiny... I tried to manifest those things that make me happy but it is so hard because of the hindrances that the earth had given - So Disgusting!!!

Sigh... What happened to me? Why those things God allowed to happen! Sigh.. it seems that everything will become worst among them all.. err! I don't want to face the struggles of life! I gave birth by my parents for triumphant not like this that makes me a big amount of fool! Why God allows it to happen? I dunno what is his purpose and why those things need to be happened even though i did not hurt anybody! I did not hurt anybody!!!!!

What are the things that I said will be forever and i don't want to repent what ever it is for there are many people who wants you to hurt without seeing that it might affects in your reputation and dignity! Fuck! Damn! for those who are responsible for this matter and sorry to my parents whom affected on it! Damn Me just because I love You!

Now, what has been done made me grow and learn for every circumstances that might happen and thanks to all who always there beside me and comfort me when I needed them... God Bless you all!!!

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