Miyerkules, Abril 11, 2012

Toddler's destructive moment

This time Marky victimized my bag! He immediately showed me my bag then what a shock! It's wet... he poured it with my alcohol from my bag - the result - My legal papers, clearance and other papers were wet and fortunately I saved the other especially my clearance and forms. 

LESSON! Don't try to skip your child from your eyes:)

At first, this is what happened:

I was on my pc when my son got his oil, alcanforado. I didn't know what he exactly did but his face was poured with that oil. My heart blows and I gave him the necessary treatment. This, I learned that every single minute, our eyes should be on them whatever we do to prevent the necessary accident.

Our child is so special that we need to give an extra care and support especially the time he needed it. We must stop what we are doing for their immediate sake. This may give him the opportunity to learn more with confidence:)

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