Lunes, Abril 30, 2012

The Third Day

It's the third day of the wake of our beloved son Cyrus.

Anything has to be accidental because we don't know what will be the next and what will happen tomorrow. Only God can tell us what will happen tomorrow and in future.

My son told us to be prepared for everything in this world. Just a minute, the world can change without anybody intervening. We cannot exactly say that this is due to man's will or climate change or others. This is God's will since He is the only one who made food and knows what would be the next after it.

My son experienced difficulty in everything... and in just a matter of minutes, he breathed his last. We couldn't blame anybody because nobody sought or even thought about Cyrus dying. Everybody tried to pray for his recovery and sympathized. We can't exactly measure how happy we are because of their sincerity.

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