Miyerkules, Abril 25, 2012

My Mother: My Real Doctor!

I dunno exactly how could I count my Mom as my super effective doctor in my entire life. Perhaps these include the following... She is always there to take care, to give medicine, to find medicine, to observe my condition, to check up, to give advice, to choose the best for me, to bar anything that is against me, to feed me, and many more.

Many times she brought me my needs and take out the things that are not good to me. She thinks about the quality of the outcome rather than its quantity. She relays messages from God that could help me in thinking and choosing what's best for me.

All these things sometimes made her cry 'cause I am sometimes not following her; instead, I pursue what my mind tells me to do. Actually, this also made me mad 'cause I could even fall on the edge of a bridge due to my aggressiveness. Still, at those times when I couldn't stand alone because of my excessive enthusiasm of many things, my Mom carries me to stand and give me first aid. She is the only one who never left me in the midst of storms, in the midst of tornadoes, in the midst of wild animals, and in the midst of my loneliness.

Thus, I should be thankful that I have a Mom like her who is not willing to accept payment for all the things she has given and all the efforts she gave. I am thankful 'cause though I am now standing alone and living alone without her guidance, I have kept all the things she taught me in life.  This is why I keep going upward, though, of course, there are still times when I have to call her for assistance.

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