Miyerkules, Hunyo 8, 2011

HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY .... MARYAN! (Isang dekadang Pagsasamahan!)

For the past 9 years, 11 months, 4 weeks and 2 days.... our life seems quiet disgusting because of the factors that triggered our behavior and of course, our patience!

We had have to face our own sanctions because everything was not okay... and both clan have their own opinions about us... we struggled!

Many things broke our patience that we sometimes made to scape and decided to make each journey  and preferences, but seems we are destined, yet we are not married, that  we are living together with a gift from God (Marky and a-child-to-be!).

You hadn't know how to manage our own house but as time goes by, you have the technics... YES! You can do much better than before!

Me, Myself, and I have different faces that you have to cope with, or else take the sanctions of which you can feel alone and nothing... Yes! That's me!

I congratulate you and of course myself for the patience that we showed and give!

Happy Decade! I love you very much!



3 komento:

  1. DADDY! I love you so much, too! You know that very well. Importante sa 'kin, nandyan ka. Kasi I can't live without you anymore. =( God bless our relationship....

  2. Wow... may bagong backgroundness a. Hehehe...