Biyernes, Hunyo 10, 2011


House is silent... no one dares to break the silence and only sounds from the busy street would want to condemn the hilarious boring home.

My baby is out to enjoy himself as well as his kin that almost fulfill their day when Marky takes the stage. Well, it is natural for babies or infants that give joy to those who want to play with them.

In house... there are terrific problems that always bothered me like drainage, insects, temperature that seems a dessert to be, and hard to mention an alive hang-out.

I just tried to spare my boredom on surfing in the internet but what a heck! the internet connection is slow and you might just sometimes throw this gadget! I looked around to my place to see and think what else i could do aside of using my laptop... and when I saw my television, my patience seems to fall down because we need to buy another good television to watch our favorites.

Now, I decided to go out and make some trip so I could scape from this boring hour... and have a productive day. With my son, we will visit my wife on her office and make some fun... of course, expect here that marky will be the busiest person than I am.

So now, we are preparing for this trip hoping that this laptop will gain much attention by the authority! there are problems in laptop that need to correct since it is the first month when we bought from them.

1 komento:

  1. okay naman na, di ba?

    thanks for being our home's 'punong abala,' daddy.

    i love you. =)